About us

Vostok Emerging Finance (VEF) is a listed investment company on the Stockholm Stock exchange, that has a mandate to invest in early stage fast growth fintech (modern financial services) companies across emerging and frontier markets. We focus on taking minority stakes in private companies and look for board representation where appropriate.

From a segment perspective, we look at all lines of financial services inclusive of payments, remittences, consumer/SME credit, mobile money, insurance and digital banks, to name but a few. Geographically, we are focusing more on the scalable emerging markets, either by country or homogenous region.

We run a dedicated mandate that focuses on understanding of emerging market nuances and fintech company needs, with a team and capital base with deep experience in these crossover themes. We are long term investors and generally look to back the entrepreneur (and their team) and stay with them until they exit. Companies find us a positive and supportive shareholder and our key goals are to create value, connect, support, learn and be very much a part of the entrepreneur and their team’s successful journey.

VEF split off from former group holding company Vostok Nafta, now Vostok New Ventures, in the Summer of 2015 when the management and board realised the extent of the opportunity in the emerging fintech space. While being firm believers in the fintech revolution, we had noticed a clear capital supply gap, where most of the world’s capital playing the fintech theme was (and still is) very much focused on developed market opportunities, with emerging markets largely overlooked, irrespective of arguably a greater opportunity set. Hence the formation of Vostok Emerging Finance.