About Vostok Emerging Finance

Vostok Emerging Finance (VEF) invests in early and growth stage fintech companies across emerging and frontier markets. We take minority stakes and board representation where appropriate. VEF is structured as a publicly traded investment company, trading under the ticker VEMF SDB and listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm.

From a segment perspective, we focus on broader financial services inclusive of payments, credit, mobile money and marketplaces to name but a few. Geographically, we look for the more scalable emerging markets, either by country or homogenous region.

Firm believers in financial sector disruption, innovation and evolution, we noticed a clear capital supply gap and opportunity set in the emerging market arena, as most of the capital investing in the fintech theme was (and still is) focused on developed market opportunities. This is all aside from the stronger long term growth potential of emerging markets and the more obvious need for modern financial services in the emerging world. Hence the formation of Vostok Emerging Finance.

We are emerging market and fintech dedicated and experienced capital. We are long term investors and look to back the entrepreneurs (and their teams) through to exit.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio companies find us a positive and supportive shareholder as our key goals are to support the founding team and their business, create value, connect and be a positive part of the entrepreneur and their team’s successful journey.

Investor Relations

Vostok Emerging Finance Ltd (“VEF” or the “Company”) is an investment company listed in Sweden, that invests in growth stage private fintech companies. We take minority stakes and are active investors with board representation in each of our portfolio companies, always looking to back the best entrepreneurs in the markets we are in. We focus on scale emerging markets and invest across all areas of financial services inclusive of payments, credit, mobile money and wealth advisors. The Swedish Depository Receipts (SDRs) of Vostok Emerging Finance Ltd are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, with the ticker VEMF SDB. Vostok Emerging Finance’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North is Pareto Securities AB.

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